Preety Bhalla Singer Business Card

Denny Kurien designed these classy business cards for Preety Bhalla, a Bollywood singer.

According to Denny, this was the first logo design option he created for Preety Bhalla.

Preety wanted a branding that’s premium and portrayed glitz and glamour, and would attract the attention of the Bollywood movie industry’s elite.

Black and gold combination is no doubt, a smart choice for elegance!

These business cards were printed on 500gsm duplex card stock with gold foil stamping on one side by Shenzhen Caiyu Printing Company.

The cards were then edge-painted with gold color to enhance their appearance.

Designed by Denny Kurien

Printed by Shenzhen Caiyu Printing Company, China

For Preety Bhalla

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