Powder Coffee Roaster business cards

Powder Coffee Shop Business Card

Anzhelika Hovhannisyan designed these business cards for Powder, a roastery and coffee shop.

Powder wants its customers to experience coffee in a new way. It’s a young and local alternative that emphasises the importance of coffee as a means of communication and connection. This culture sees coffee as much more than just a beverage; it’s a way to unwind, relax and share love.

The goal of the design was to convey the brand’s identity as one that was clean, minimal and self-sufficient.

Powder logo

Typography & Colours

In order to catch the eye of potential clients, this business card design keeps things simple but employs eye-catching typography.

Just as how the brand wishes to be perceived by the customers, the logotype hopes to appear contemporary and unique, similar to how it breaks out of the mould of typical designs.

“The brand always tries to avoid the monotony that comes from a traditional market like this by giving people a new way to enjoy the moment,” Anzhelika said.

Powder business card_1Powder loyalty cards

The typeface used for the logotype is called Digestive, and the Covik font is used for the body text. Both are from OH no Type Company.

As with the original name card, the loyalty card has a similar look and feel. To make it stand out, the stamp area is given several modified ‘O’s.

The monochromatic colour palette was inspired by the ingredients or beverages that are associated with the brand, such as coffee and milk.

These business cards were printed on Gmund Heidi Used White 330gsm, a type of recycled paper with a rough texture.


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Designed by Anzhelika Hovhannisyan

For Powder

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