port pastel business card

Port Pastel Pastry Business Card

Emir Kudic designed these business cards for Port Pastel, an artisan pastry brand based in Australia that provides Portuguese custard tarts/products with wide range of taste as well as vegan and gluten free options.

“We got on a call with the client and we discussed everything in detail: what are their issues, their competition and their vision on how they plan to look in the future,” Emir said, “Their goal was to have a branding that stands out from the existing competitors and to become the number 1 artisan pastry brand in the locals.”

port pastel logo
When it comes to visual identity, the design goal was to make a modern design that speaks for heritage as well. According to Emir, the solution was to use abstract colours and shapes with the logo that has the letter P (the initial of the brand name) and a wheat as the main elements. The fonts used in the design are Butler and Bodoni.

“Portugal has a lot of patterns and shapes in their capital on the main street and we tried to take inspirations from that. Also, we tried to use creamy colours that go well with the industry,” Emir explained.

A catchy and vibrant business card design that’s not to be missed!

port pastel business cardport pastel packaging design port pastel packaging design2

Designed by Emir Kudic

For Port Pastel

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