PommePomme business card

PommePomme Pastry Business Card

Nóra Rohmann designed these business cards for PommePomme, a Budapest-based new wave pastry shop.

Speaking of her design inspiration, Nóra said, “They made their own French style pastries but also sold some hand-made chocolate bonbons. I took my inspiration from the shapes and decorations of their pastries. Their own unique style was all about circle forms and that is why I decided to highlight that in my design as well.”

The entire design is minimal yet lovely. The logo is formed by the brand name ‘PommePomme’ and a few symbols, which can be found on the back of the card as well.

“The geometric forms are referring to the cake decorations,” Nóra explained. “The product range varies almost daily and a strong emphasis is put on seasonal flavours. So, the design and packaging must be flexible as well.”

PommePomme business card
After seeing how the small stickers are uniquely placed on each packaging, it’s clear that a simple, none-complicated logo is a way to go for the brand. Instead of a crowded pattern, Nóra opted for a much simpler approach – using light coloured symbols with plenty of negative space – to define the brand’s simplicity and exquisiteness in food-making.

These business cards were printed by Digitalpress in Budapest.

Designed by Nóra Rohmann

Printed by Digitalpress

For PommePomme

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