Poline business card

Poline Motion Design Business Card

Lea Briquet designed these business cards for Poline, a motion design studio based in Paris, France.

Lea’s client, Pauline, was a friend of hers and they met at a design school. Pauline is now freelancing as a motion designer in Paris so she reached out to Lea to create her brand assets.

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“Pauline has a really lovely style, filled with pastel colours. So we wanted to highlight that into her brand’s colour palette,” Lea said.

The business card design is playful and full of colours! The pattern on the back of the card is super eye-catching and it will no doubt leave a lasting impression to those who’ve seen it.

“I chose playful shapes as assets for this brand identity because to me, they represent perfectly that energy coming from Pauline’s work. Also, they will be super easy to animate for Pauline and I really wanted her to have fun with her logo and other assets. I wanted her to fully own it!”

Poline pattern

“The integration of the outlined font here is mainly to give that dimension and get away from what could appear to be flatwork. It was super important to translate Pauline’s personality through this design and I think we won that one because it definitely brings me happiness every time I look at it.”

These business card are not printed yet but according to Lea, she would probably choose MOO and their soft finish.

“It would be such a superb combo with pastel colours. Putting an accent on that soft and playful universe of Pauline’s.”

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Designed by Lea Briquet

For Poline

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