Plume construction business card

Plume Construction Business Card

Matheus Oliveira designed these business cards for Plume, a construction company that uses flexible construction techniques, meaning that its construction can serve multiple purposes.

Plume uses a modular and highly adaptable construction system. These systems are based on the ideas of tear-down design and flexible construction principles, with the goal of allowing easy changes to suit users’ requirements without major construction work.

Despite being minimal, the business card design stands out thanks to its striking colour scheme and distinctive logotype. The latter is particularly well-suited to conveying the brand’s emphasis on technical, flexibility and somewhat dynamic character.

Plume construction branding


A Rounded Geometric Custom Logotype

Matheus created the logotype from scratch using modular grids.

“The idea was to develop a geometric typography, mixing regular and irregular shapes,” he said.

“Therefore, in addition to being geometric, it has rounded ends, generating this geometric contrast and accentuating the brand’s values, as well as its flexible construction services.”

The typeface used for body text is called Titillium. It’s a display font with quadrangular endings.

According to Matheus, this characteristic strengthens the rational and technical aspects of the brand.

Plume logotype


A Striking Black and Yellow Colour Combo

Black and yellow combination can never go wrong when you hope your brand garners all the attention it deserves. Explaining his choice of colours, Matheus said,

“The colour palette is simple but very vibrant. Yellow over black creates an energetic and creative atmosphere, in addition to strengthening the brand’s positive and ‘youthful’ discourse.”

“Gray tones complement the visual identity with neutrality and rationality.”

Plume construction businesscard


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards haven’t been printed yet. Matheus suggested having them printed on 300gsm coated paper.

Overall, this is a business card design that exudes professionalism and has a creative vibe.

With its clean lines and attention to detail, this business card will certainly be noticed among the stack of other construction business cards.


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Designed by Matheus Oliveira

For Plume

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