Plan Café Business Card

Natalia Romero designed these business cards for Plan Café, a 100% Colombian coffee brand that aims to offer excellent quality products for all coffee lovers.

“Understanding the cultural influence it has on society, Plan Café was born from the romantic idea of enjoying a coffee. It’s a term used to catch up for a meeting or just go grab one by yourself. It’s a lifestyle, a precious moment in someone’s day. I wanted to honour that, commemorating each moment in life in which a coffee has always been a part of,” Natalia said.

“For the design process, I started with the concept of celebrating those moments in which we enjoy coffee: while reading a book, listening to music, a great talk, a date, a cold day etc.”

“I realized that coffee is always present in people’s lives. Given the great amount of those moments, I decided to mix cold and warm tones together and use them for the illustrations, creating a visual system that’s able to represent any moments in life,” Natalia said.

The logo is a typographic representation of the brand’s name. Natalia replaced the Spanish accent on the letter ‘e’ for an icon that represents coffee smoke.

“It’s a simple abstraction which I implemented along the brand system to represent the life experiences around a cup of coffee,” she explained.

These business cards were printed on Propalcote matte paper of 250 grams with UV filter by National Center for Graphic Arts in Bogotá, Colombia.

Designed by Natalia Romero

Printed by National Center for Graphic Arts

For Plan Café

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