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Piñata Animation & Illustration Business Card

Kobra Agency designed these business cards for Piñata, an animation and illustration studio based in Helsinki, Finland.

Piñata is a team of illustrators, animators, and VFX artists who work together to create visuals of all sizes. Their work is characterised by inspired pre-production work that ranges from traditional drawing and 2D animation to full-blown 3D photorealism. High-quality content is produced across all platforms by these experts.

Pinata logotypePinata logosPinata tilde

The custom-made logotype is the most prominent element on the business card. The wording ‘PINATA’ occupies a large portion of the business card, with the debossed tilde spreading across the surface.

“As a part of the new visual identity, we developed a new logo and expanded on the use of the tilde symbol (now named Vamos) and its functions throughout the brand,” explained Tuukka Koivisto, the Creative Director of Kobra Agency.

“In addition to that, the brand uses a set of playful speech bubbles and a heavy display font to communicate.”

Pinata speech bubblesPinata branding

The business card features mostly monochromatic colours, and speaking of the inspiration behind it, Tuukka said, “The business card is the beginning of the story. The first impression, two sides exchanging details, is the black and white storyboard phase of collaboration.”

“As you experience the brand through various touchpoints, the brand comes to life in full colour.”

Additionally, all other elements of the brand’s visual identity utilise primary colours in an effort to cheer up viewer’s day.

These business cards were printed by Göteborgstryckeriet, a printing company in Sweden. They used offset printing with blind embossing to create that high relief texture.

This is a great example of how a brand can impress their prospects by showing their ability to deliver through a fun, dynamic business card design.


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Pinata business cardPinata card and illustration Pinata colour palettePinata envelopespinata tilde symbolsPinata t-shirtsPinata speech bubbles_2

Designed by Kobra Agency

Printed by Göteborgstryckeriet

For Piñata

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