Pigment business card

Pigment Graphic Design Studio Business Card

Gregory Page designed these business cards for Pigment, a graphic design and art direction studio based in Geneva and led by Gregory himself.

“The design process is quite simple. Instead of choosing one color (as a reference to the studio’s name, Pigment), we thought it would be nice to display the whole colour spectrum. Holographic foil was used to accomplish that,” Gregory said.

“Two variants were printed for the business cards – full white and the other with a black front. The contact info side of the card remains the same in both variants.”

The stroked square on the business card is part of Pigment’s monogram. The holographic effect gives the card that futuristic, modern and stylish impression it deserves!

These business cards were printed by Polygravia in Switzerland. Besides holographic foil stamping, other printing techniques involved were offset and silkscreen printing.

Designed by Gregory Page

Printed by Polygravia

For Pigment

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