Phosphene Studio Women Clothing Business Card

Morgan Brewer designed these business cards for Phosphene Studio, a part retail, part event and workshop business based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia. It offers a collection of beautiful, ethically made women’s clothing and fine lifestyle goods from independent designers and environmentally conscious brands.

“We wanted the business cards to feel simple and thoughtful, yet still unique. Phospehenes are the luminous floating stars, zigzags, swirls, spirals, squiggles and other shapes that you see when closing your eyes tight. The word can also be used for an always running mind so we wanted the pattern for this brand to look like ‘phosphenes’ while also tying in the feminine illustration used in the logo,” Morgan explained when asked about the inspiration behind the pattern and illustration used in the design.

Phosphene patternsPhosphene tags
Phosphene logo

“The feminine illustration is a thoughtful pose, reflecting the thoughtfulness and intention behind every single product that Phosphene carries. We loved the idea of square cards because they felt more unique than a traditional card.”

These business cards are not printed. Even so, Morgan would recommend the client to print the cards at Moo.

“We envisioned these cards being printed by because we love the quality of their square cards as well as the ability to have different front colour options.”

All in all, it’s a creative and contemporary business card design that pleases the eye!

Phosphene business cardPhosphene bag

Designed by Morgan Brewer at Studio Antheia

For Phosphene Studio

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