Pedantics Business Cards

Pedantics Printing Business Card

Tuyệt Duyệt designed these business cards for Pedantics, a printing company specializing in letterpress and foiling printing techniques for handmade journals, ledgers and stationery sets. It is based in Vancouver, Washington.

“Pedantic’s handmade items (or books) are in low volumes, which is a good option for people who are looking for unique, higher quality print-outs/products and are kinda nerdy,” Khanh said.

Speaking of the design inspiration, he continued, “The founder was thinking about creating something that can stand on its own but at the same time, can be joined into a decoration easily; something that works with one colour but can also be made into two colour variants. The business cards will be printed with red foil on white or brown paper, which can be applied to letterhead, envelope, invoice, etsy shop logo etc.”

“The main logo with the initial ‘P’ represents the brand name ‘Pedantics’. The client wanted the cards to look vintage, currently with my designing style.”

Pedantics hand symbol
“Apart from the contact info, there’s the hand symbol with a silk band surrounding it and an eye symbol inside the hand. The idea is to convey that everything will be done via handmade at Pedantics, including the direction they will take and understanding their customers’ requests.”

These business cards were letterpress-printed by Beaver Engraving Co. in Portland, Oregon. Khanh explained, “It is a method of transferring the design, hot foiling and debossing the paper at the same time. It was hard to keep the details of the eye when foiling, factors such as paper heat and pressure all play a part in printing. All details with dies cut were etched into paper via hot foil, the design ‘bite’ into the paper and the result is both obvious and tactile.”

Pedantics Business Cards

Designed by Khanh a.k.a. Tuyệt Duyệt

Printed by Beaver Engraving Co.

For Pedantics

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