Particle Creations business card

Particle Creations Beauty Business Card

Romy Bitar designed these business cards for Particle Creations, a beauty company that specializes in the development of hair-care, skin-care and makeup products.

Particle Creations is currently under development and will be operational soon. According to Romy, the company provides a 360° service ranging from custom product formulation to manufacturing, packaging, branding and identity development.

Particle Creations logoParticle Creations logo2
“I also decided to propose a wordmark rather than a logomark as it exudes luxury and sophistication, which appeals to the personas we created. However, a logo iteration was created to be used as a stamp.”

“Their main target audience are women between the ages of 25-40 years old; hence the choice of a clean and minimal font type. I found this font to be elegant, and timeless – it can be memorable with its unique letter shapes, and long-lasting as it has a modern feel to it,” she said.

These business cards are not printed but here’s what Romy suggested if they were, “The front of the card would have the logo embossed on a 350 gsm paper (with a textured feel to it), and the back will be printed on a 170gsm paper.”


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Particle Creations businesscardParticle Creations business cardsParticle Creations branding

Designed by Romy Bitar

For Particle Creations

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