Parcena premium housing business card

Parcena Premium Housing Business Card

Manual Graphics designed these business cards for Parcena, a premium housing brand that respects the diverse lives of individual residents while aspiring to redefine the standard in housing.

The team at Manual Graphics not only naming this brand but also crafting its unique identity. Their mission was clear: to establish a brand that communicates the essence of providing a high-quality residential environment and infrastructure that’s easy to customise through integrated production, setting Parcena apart within the industry.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of Parcena’s brand identity, with a special focus on its unique-shaped business card design.


Brand Image and Naming

Parcena aims for a high-end residential position, with keywords like “valuable,” “essential,” and “identity” shaping its brand direction.

The name itself, Parcena, is an Italian compound word derived from Parlare (meaning “story”) and Scena (meaning “stage” or “place”).

Therefore, it signifies “a place where each person becomes the main character of their life and writes their own story.”

Parcena premium housing business cards


Logomark Design

To understand the inspiration behind the logomark, you need to know that Parsena aims to depart from the standardised housing culture. It acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual and facilitates the pursuit of personal fulfilment within the context of home, a space where life unfolds.

So, the letters “P” and “C” were chosen from the brand name and combined to create the symbol mark that defines space and focus. It is also a combination of solid area and flexible curves, which captures the stage of flexible life created by each individual.

To be clear, the aforementioned “solid area” symbolises the space of Parsena that tightly embraces the lives of residents while the “flexible curves” embody the light of the pin lighting that follows the main character on stage, implying that each person’s independent life, centre, and story are wrapped around it.

Parcena premium housing_logomark


Logotype and Typography

The logotype for Parcena exudes modernity and solidity. The typography of Parcena’s brand identity relies on the sans serif typeface, Martel Sans, and the Korean typeface, Pretendard.

These typefaces evoke a clean and solid impression, making them versatile for various applications.

Apart from the wide spacing, the letter “A” in the logotype is subtly shaped to depict the spotlight of pin lighting, expressing Parcena’s commitment to respecting the independent lives of each resident.


Colour Palette and Graphic Patterns

Just like any great brand, Parcena made sure that their colour choices conveyed the brand essence effectively.

Deep purple, the primary colour, symbolises residents’ independent lives and the diversity of their experiences. Soft brown complements the palette, representing Parcena’s embrace of various lifestyles.

The patterns used in other applications are derived from the logomark itself, evolving into different shapes and formations. They allow for creative expression and can be used freely to enhance the brand’s identity.

Parcena premium housing_card and stationery


Die-Cut Business Cards

Now, let’s talk about the real star of the show – the die-cut Parcena business card. The cut-out curves mirror the brand’s logomark, symbolising how Parcena breaks free from conventional housing while celebrating the unique lives of its residents.

The logotype is embossed to create a raised effect, while the contact info on the other side is neatly arranged to give way to the debossed effect.

This adds a touch of class and breathes life into the Parcena brand, setting it on a path to redefine luxury housing and create lasting impressions in the industry.


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