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Paella in Barcelona Gastronomic Space Business Card

Copyshow Barcelona designed and printed these business cards for Paella in Barcelona, a gastronomic space located in an old industrial venue in the city.

Paella in Barcelona is a space where people can learn how to cook as well as have a good time with their friends or colleagues.

The business cards are the perfect reflection of this concept by incorporating contrasting colours and an illustrative pattern that stands out.


Logo and Pattern Designs

Paella in Barcelona commissioned Copyshow to work on their brand identity.

The project manager at Paella in Barcelona said, “Our main goal is to portray Spanish cuisine in a playful and laid-back manner, as we strive to create a fun and relaxing environment for our clients during their cooking classes.”

“Our monogram is designed as a capital ‘P’ for Paella, which is our national dish and the most popular dish in our classes.”

“Not only that, we have also included a sun in the logo to represent the sunny climate of Barcelona.”

Copyshow created a pattern and a suite of illustrative elements inspired by food to be used across the entire visual identity.

“The business cards feature a distinctive pattern of food doodles that represent the key elements of Spanish cuisine.”

Paella in Barcelona business card and branding


Typography and Colour Palette

The typefaces used for the visual identity are Oswald bold and Pacifico.

The combination of these fonts conveys a sense of both seriousness and playfulness, aligning with Paella in Barcelona’s brand image of having fun while cooking.

The colour palette chosen for the brand consists of orange (#E88F2A), grey (#2b2825) and salmon (#FAF3EB).

These are the perfect colour selections to reflect the lively and energetic nature of Paella in Barcelona’s brand image.

Copyshow Barcelona printed these business cards on low grammage coated paper.


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Designed and Printed by Copyshow Barcelona

For Paella in Barcelona

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