Padrão Construtora business cards

Padrão Construction Business Card

Lucas Matheus designed these business cards for Padrão Construtora, a construction company with over 25 years of history located in the city of Chapecó, Brazil.

According to Lucas, Padrão Construtora’s main product is construction works for large industries and reforms.

“The main concept for the brand was the ‘P’ with a diagonal cut, which the idea was to represent the side of an iconized house, not in an obvious way.”

“And the idea for the extension of this brand in the identity was to create more visible aspects to it, that’s why every application was based on leaving the brand bigger as possible.”

Padrão logoPadrão Construtora 03

A secondary symbol was also developed from the ‘P’, in which the company’s lifetime been added to it, resulting in the ‘P26’.

The business card design is sophisticated and exquisite, with clear legibility and contrast. Currently, the cards have not been printed yet but if they were, here’s how they would turn out.

“The cards (and most of the other pieces in the stationery) would be printed using thick recycled paper. Probably something around 400gsm, with a small low relief in the brand – we may need to test it out.”

“This helps to represent the company’s more ecological bias and strength in this market,” Lucas added.


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Designed by Lucas Matheus

For Padrão Construtora

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