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Pablo Galindo’s Taqiza Restaurant Business Card

Abraham Lule designed these business cards for Pablo Galindo, who owned the Mexican restaurant ‘Taqiza’ located at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.

“My client Pablo Galindo is one of the best Mexican Chefs in Australia,” Abraham said.

“He commissioned me to create the identity of his new restaurant Taqiza, designing absolutely everything – from the logotype to the spoons.”


The Design Process & Inspiration

“I started sketching by hand, using watercolor and pencil to have the first approach.”

“I took inspiration from everything, but most importantly, from ‘papel picado’ – a Mexican decoration; a mix-match of seemingly unrelated things done by hand, that together, embody the energy and personality of every reunion.”

“This is an analogy of what a Taquiza (with a ‘u’ – the name ‘Taqiza’ has been adapted from its original root for a better english pronunciation) is all about.”

“After the first presentation and round of feedback, the client asked me to bring a sharper and more premium aesthetic to the sketches, and then we proceeded to finals.”

“To bring more premium cues into the design, I took Tulum as inspiration, which is the ultimate representation of high-end destination in Mexico, and represents a folkloric culture at its finest.”


The Printing of Business Card

These business cards were printed by a local printer in the city of Querétaro, México.

According to Abraham, “Everything was done by hand: the foils, the die-cuts, the finishes, everything!”

“I think that brought all the quality possible, turning a business card into an object to collect and cherish.”

Technical details:

Contact cards are a 7 x 7 cms with gold foil on both sides.

Business cards are 7 x 5 cms screen printed on one side and gold foiled on the other side.

The paper material used for both cards: 250gsm Canson cotton paper and cut by hand.


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Designed by Abraham Lule

For Pablo Galindo (Taqiza)

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