OVIK business card

OVIK Restaurant Business Card

Huy Ta designed these business cards for OVIK, a luxury restaurant in London. It proposes the pure flavors of Italy through the excellent craftsmanship of their chef.

Speaking of the logo design and the inspirations behind it, Huy Ta said, “The client wanted the brand identity to have a little bit of Art Deco style in it, but not too much. So I decided to give the logo a geometric look with thin lines, together with symmetrical composition to elegantly portrait it.”

OVIK logo
“Upon realizing the letters in ‘OVIK’ also constructed with geometric shapes, I tried to make a monogram of the letters O, V, I, K and arrange them so they fit in a beautiful composition. The thickness of the lines is actually the hardest part, I needed to try a lot of variations and printed them out to see if the thickness is good enough: Is it too thin? Is it too thick? Will it look thicker when print with dark color? And I need to manually adjust that so the prints look consistent.”

As for the typography, Huy Ta explained that the identity follows an elegant design style, so they needed the typography to be minimal.

“But of course if we make it too simple, it becomes simplistic. So, I decided to add dotted lines to the design, and use as the key visual. Also, all the typography needs a generous space around it to breath. We can’t see space, but space touches us, I make sure all the spaces in the design breath elegancy.”

OVIK stationery
These business cards were printed by Chính Đức, a printing company in Vietnam.

“The cards were on a coloured matte paper, not shiny one. It needed to use art paper to create a high-end feel when holding in hand. It also needed to be a bit rough on the surface, the same roughness when you run your hand along a Macbook. The white logo was silk-screen printed to ensure the whiteness on that art paper,” Huy Ta said.

OVIK business card

Designed by Huy Ta

Printed by Chính Đức


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