Over Pizza business cards

Over Pizza Restaurant Business Card

Vitor Linhares designed these business cards for Over Pizza, a restaurant that delivers pizzas of various flavours, and will soon be part of a network of restaurants specialising in various other fields of cuisine, further satisfying the demands of its clientele.

Pizza is the specialty of the Over Pizza restaurant, which places a high value on every step of the production process, from the selection of ingredients to the preparation method and customer service.

“The goal of this project was to visually differentiate the pizzeria from competitors in the area. For this, we sought to develop an authentic typography as well as explore illustrations, which is also a competitive advantage, as it attracts more consumer attention than a product without illustration,” Vitor said.

“It also enhances the product’s visual appeal, increases its value in the eyes of the consumer, and influences the purchase decision.”

Over Pizza boxes2

The Brand Name

In marketing, the term ‘overdelivery’ refers to delivering more, going above and beyond, and creating a valuable experience. Thus, the brand name ‘Over Pizza’ was born based on this concept.

Over Pizza aims to deliver a tasty meal to all of its customers. The brand name is memorable and is displayed prominently at every point of contact, as a constant reminder of the company’s identity.

Over Pizza sign

Logo Design

“For the logo, an attempt was made to create a unique and authentic typography in order for the brand to become imprinted on the consumer’s mind,” Vitor explained.

“To achieve this, the letters were custom-designed, with the goal of retaining shapes that represented the idea of a more dynamic, youthful and flexible brand. The spacing between the characters was also tweaked to make reading more pleasant.”

“The letter ‘O’ represents the dough around the pizza, and the other letters are linked together to represent the union and friendship at times of feasting at the table.”

Over Pizza logo2Over Pizza logos

Illustrations & Colour Palette

The olive illustration on the business card is equally catchy and fun! Apart from that, a strong colour palette and wavy pattern are used to evoke a playful, joyful ambience with creativity. It’s an ideal way to express the brand’s dedication to serving the customers and their loved ones so they can have a wonderful time while enjoying a delicious meal.

“The orange colour is inviting and extremely vibrant. It’s an excellent option for making the environment more cheerful, communicative, and pleasant.”

“Orange is also perfect to awaken the compulsive side of your audience: it’s common for restaurants to have more expressive orders at each of their tables using this colour palette.”

Accompanied by strong illustrative elements and colours, this business card design will undoubtedly set itself apart from competitors.

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Designed by Vitor Linhares

Illustrated by Natalia Machado

For Over Pizza

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