Out Of Office Goods business cards

Out Of Office Goods Clothing Business Card

Andreas Pedersen designed these business cards for Out Of Office Goods, a vintage clothing shop founded by Juan Sanchez.

“At this time it’s an online store mainly, secondly he sells his goods at flea markets around New York City with future plans of moving in to his own brick and mortar location,” Andreas said.

The business card design is eye-catching with bright yellow and apparel illustrations, but with a retro vibe!

Out Of Office Print Collateral

“The aim was to communicate that Out Of Office is a small, independently owned business far from the fast fashion industry. The supply of goods for sale is small and personally curated by Juan. This is the essence of his business where focus on a retro and vintage is quintessential.”

“With personal curation, a hand-on approach to picking the items, in mind a set of roughly illustrated items of clothing was created to reflect this. Variably printed on the business card each card will come out different which gives him a set of business cards as diverse as his goods on offer.”

“To sum up the brand identity concept – circular street retro-ism. The aim was to create a brand that has a retro vibe while still looking and feeling like a streetwear brand with its ear to the ground in terms of trends.”

Out Of Office Goods_LogoSetOut Of Office Goods logo

The founder of the brand hoped to contribute to the society and our environment by up-cycling vintage clothing and at the same time, donate part of the profits to charities and NGOs. This idea is further emphasized through the logo design, where it shows how to turn a downward spiral into an upward one – to have a positive outlook to the overall branding.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, here’s what Andreas suggested, “They would be printed via letterpress-printing, which will give the card a faded, worn look straight off the press and perfectly communicate the retro, vintage aspect of Out Of Office Goods.”

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Designed by Andreas Pedersen

For Out Of Office Goods

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