Oscar Rantes Psychologist Business Card

Oscar Rantes Psychologist Business Card

Piero Robles Chavez designed these business cards for Oscar Rantes, a psychologist.

“A psychologist’s job is to help the patient to improve his or her mental health, see things from another perspective and remove bad things from his life,” Piero explained.

“Confusion and clarity are both reflected on the card. For instance, you only see circles which appear to have no meaning.”

“But once you look at it from another perspective – when the card is slightly inclined – you will see lines that join the points – revealing ‘OR’, the initials of Oscar Rantes.”

“This is a way to show that everything has a reason.”

Piero analyzed the business cards of other psychologists in order to create a visual identity that stands out among the competitors.

He said, “I started to generate ideas, to reflect in a different way the work a psychologist does.”

“Then, I realized that an idea represented in a simple, powerful and different way was a great way to get noticed.”

“So, I presented the idea to the client, there were two stages: meetings and presentations with more than 200 slides!”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by ArteGrafia.

According to Peiro, the cards are completed with sectorized varnish, with 1 pantone color.

“The overall design, paper quality and the finishes can make people perceive the service of the psychologist as a high quality service.”

“This will help the client to reach more customers and improve his brand image.”


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Designed by Piero Robles Chavez

Printed by ArteGrafia

For Oscar Rantes

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