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Orlova Florist Business Card

Yeva Skliaruk designed these business cards for Orlova, a flower shop that provides bouquet delivery service to customers’ homes.

The idea behind the business card is to express a fresh, current and delicate brand image for the florist.

The logotype is tall, slim, and classy, and the illustrative element is just perfect to convey what the business is about.

According to Yeva, Orlova stands out from other competitors because they offer more than just flowers; they also sell gifts, balloons, and home décor items.

This enables Orlova’s customers to find quality gifts for their loved ones easily and conveniently in one place.


Elegant Logo Design

“The logo had to be feminine and recognisable to be associated with the flower recipients, as most of them are women,” Yeva said.

“It also had to be more elitist to attract more affluent customers.”

The logo features the business owner’s name and a white tulip. Yeva explained, “Tulips are the client’s favourite flower.”

“Furthermore, it had been used in the previous logo, so keeping it can help to maintain the connection with existing clients who are already used to the tulip in corporate style.”

“It is hoped that by incorporating flowers into the brand’s visual identity, customers will consider more the quality and freshness of the bouquets as well.”

Yeva also designed a stacked-logo variant for Orlova, which can be seen on the contact-details side of the card.

She continued, “I came up with the idea of a stacked logo because it was needed to take up less space in the brand identity.”

“After creating different options, we settled on the one you see here, which offered the most advantages for the brand.”

Orlova florist logoOrlova florist logo variations


Elegant Typography and Colours

The typeface used for the logotype was based on a serif font called Mirra, which has been slightly modified.

“More specifically, the letter ‘V’ was changed after I added a curve to it for more elegance.”

The body text is in Trajan Sans Pro, an all-caps font.

Green and white are used prominently in the business card design.

“While green is an obvious choice, white is in fact the colour of white tulips, which symbolise peacefulness, pure love, and sincerity of feelings,” Yeva explained.


Business Card Printing

Yeva suggested printing these business cards on offset paper (uncoated paper).

“The offset paper is versatile and has some main characteristics that are well suited for the brand’s essence.”

“It has a matte, slightly rough surface, and it doesn’t glare in the light.”

“These qualities of the paper will make the business cards pleasant to the touch and exude a sense of gentleness for the brand.”


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Designed by Yeva Skliaruk

For Orlova Flowers

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