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Orico Pet Supply Business Card

Brainchild Creative designed these business cards for Orico, a pet supply store focused on bringing niche items for dogs and cats.

Brainchild was in charge of the branding project, including designing the brand’s logo, packaging and stationery.

The well-thought-out logo serves as a visual representation of the company across all media. Inspired by Orico’s brand concept ‘Orico means family first’, the essence of the given name Orico stands for compassion, generosity, reliability, creativity, loyalty and a love for domestic life.

Love, pets and the letter ‘O’ (from the brand name) are all featured in the logo, which is incredibly cute.

Orico business card_backOrico logo construction

Orico’s business card has a unique oblong shape that will attract people’s attention the moment they lay their eyes upon it! According to Samuel Lai, the Art Director of Brainchild, this shape was chosen because most of the secondary elements they designed were rounded, and it’s part of the design language.

Orico means family first. The logo begins with the letter ‘O’ and ends with an ‘O’, hence the brand name Orico. That’s the kind of bonding we’d like to see with pet owners.”

The card also includes a QR code for quick access to the brand’s Wechat contact information. In addition, the illustration on the card is a nice touch to an already unique business card. Not to mention that the colours are equally eye-catching as well.

Orico business card_frontOrico colours

“The colour scheme is high contrast, with a warm orange colour standing out to greet people’s eyes,” Samuel said.

The typefaces used in the visual identity are Dozen (for the logotype) and Objektiv Mk1.

The business cards were printed on 550gsm cardstock. For the edges, Orico used rounded die cuts and blind embossed text for the taglines.


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Designed by Brainchild Creative

For Orico Pet Supply

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