Onset Homes business cards

Onset Homes Furnishing Business Card

Alt.space designed these business cards for Onset Homes, a home furnishing brand that specializing in artisanal cushions.

Onset Homes is a home-grown sustainable soft furnishing brand that highlights the kaarigari of Indian artisans.

The business card is part of the branding strategy to create a warm, welcoming and conscious brand identity. Something nostalgic yet memorable and classy.


Naming and Logo Design

The founder’s mother came up with the brand name, and it perfectly captures the spirit of new beginnings; a new, exciting era – in your space, in your home.

After learning about the brand values, Alt.space was able to create a logo that embodies two of its core values: traditions and togetherness.

“We fused these values together in a logo that represents both qualities, drawing inspiration from the arches of a traditional Indian aangan (courtyard),” said Swati Khaitan, the founder of Alt.space.

“The result is a logo that not only visually represents the brand’s ethos but also gives it a distinctive voice that stands out from the competition, beautifully telling the brand’s unique story.”

Onset Homes_arch


Typography and Illustrations

The typeface used for the logotype is based on a luxurious font that conveys the brand’s spirit.

As Swati puts it, “It balances the traditional aspect of our nature with a sense of modernity, making the whole unit appear as a harmony of heritage and contemporaries.”

As for the outlined illustrations on the business card, they were derived from the logo itself, which represented the idea of traditions and togetherness.

These circular elements each stand for door, arches, and home.

Onset Homes logo and identity


Colour Palette

Alt.space chose a contrasting colour palette for Onset Homes to do justice to the rootedness of the brand.

Swati said that they kept blue as the primary colour to reinforce the brand’s long-standing history and expertise in the domain of home furnishings.

As for earthy tones, they work as secondary colours to reiterate its homely essence.

When asked about the use of matte gold foil in the print finish, Swati explained, “Onset Homes wants to be perceived as a luxury home furnishing brand, hence the royal colour of blue and gold foil in matte was done as a print finish.”

“Matte gold foil adds a luxurious and elegant look to printed materials while also providing a tactile experience.”

“The matte finish reduces the shine of the gold, giving it a subtler and more refined appearance.”


The Printing of Business Cards

According to Swati, these business cards were printed by a local vendor named Sanjay Da.

“The cards were screen-printed on impressive off-white paper with matte gold foil.”

Another worthy mention is the packaging design that’s filled with personal touch: with each piece features the name of the skilled kaarigar who made it, a handwritten note card, and quirky messages on the wrapping to keep shoppers intrigued.

Overall, this is a thoughtful branding with an elegant business card design that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who sees it!


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Designed by Swati Khaitan at Alt.space Design Studio

For Onset Homes

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