OneHR business cards

OneHR (Human Resource) Business Card

TE Perspective designed these business cards for OneHR, a human resource specialist based in Singapore.

OneHR’s goal is to become the leading HR service provider in Singapore and Southeast Asia by leveraging technology and human knowledge to help small-to-medium (SME) enterprises succeed.

OneHR posters

According to TE, OneHR wanted a brand image that was friendly and approachable, so that they could stand out from the HR industry that has a reputation for being serious and frigid.

“During our meeting with OneHR’s founder, we noticed how enthusiastic and hopeful he was about the work he was doing. He and his team are always learning and improving their skills in order to provide their customers with the best possible HR services.”

OneHR logo

“It was our goal to create a visual identity that reflected the company’s founder’s optimism and good nature. This resulted in raw, hand-drawn illustrations and pop colours that capture the founder’s sincerity, positivism, and the company’s mission: to help companies optimise their processes and reduce their costs so that they can concentrate on growing their business.”

The brand colours are amethyst, saffron and scarlet. The main colour, Amethyst, represents future/imagination while the warm colours (saffron, scarlet) are associated with passion and positivity.

These business cards were printed with letterpress on 500gsm cotton card by a printing company named Jiangzhao.

OneHR business cardsOneHR bag_1OneHR illustrationsOneHR billboard_1

Designed by TE Perspective

Printed by Jiangzhao

For OneHR

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