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OMW Pet Shop Business Card

Alex Dang designed these business cards for OMW, a new pet store in town founded by a team of young artists who wanted to celebrate the beauty of all pets.

The brand name OMW actually stands for “Oh Meow Woof”, which is a new term for youngsters to shout for their pets instead of “On My Way,” as most people would expect.

OMW provides a wide range of service and pet accessories, such as health care, pet hotel, salon & spa, pet shelter, pet food, toys, collars and more. Apart from fulfilling the needs of dog and cat owners, they will cater to an entirely new demographic of animal lovers as well – one that’s young, powerful, and energetic.

OMW pet shop products


A Revolutionary Branding Strategy

Targeting mainly the Gen-Z pet lover community, OMW needs to stand out and be the revolutionary brand that’s both rebellious and energetic.

From the unique typography to the tearing feature, these unique business cards successfully convey the brand’s lively and rebellious characteristics while maintaining the lovely image that’s equally important when it comes to the adorable pets.

There’s so much need to unpack when it comes to understanding the inspiration behind this out-of-the-box design approach.

According to Alex, OMW desires to spread out their manifesto “Support Pet Revolution” and define a new way of caring for pets – to go with their wild natures.

Therefore, he used eye-catching communicative visual language to convey the concept of “An Adorable Team of Rule Breakers” and present OMW as a dedicated animal spokesperson.

OMW pet shop_googly eyes


A Catchy Logo Design & Googly Eyes

It’s Alex’s goal to make the OMW logotype as “living” as possible.

“The brand name’s letters form living pets, with rounded curves and customised lettering, paired with the Amaranth typeface (by Gesine Todt) for body texts,” he said.

Apart from the catchy typography, Alex infused the logotype with a special element: googly eyes (or, wiggle eyes).

“The eyes replicate the animal sights and declare funny user interactions,” he explained.

“Paired with the googly eyes, the logotype created a party of imaginary friends for your pets. This effect also encourages people to react to and give OMW’s products more viral attention.”

The idea of bringing home the products is similar to taking home a team of blinking cute animals. It’s too cute (and clever) to pass by!

OMW pet shop logo


The Colourful Pet Illustrations

Black and white are the primary colours used for the visual identity. To create contrast to a subtle colour palette, Alex added colourful dog and cat illustrations on the business cards.

“The vibrant illustrations depict the daily life and secret stories of our four-legged friends.”

“The lively and energetic coloured illustrations are combined with the basic black and white palettes to balance the design and give more space for the geometrically visualised pets to shine.”

These drawings can also be found in perforated boxes, folded brochures, or even inside shopping bags. It’s like the pets are waiting for the perfect moment to surprise their owners in every nook and cranny. Get ready to find them!

The secret is that you won’t see these colourful pets until you allow your animal instincts to take over.

OMW pet shop business card_2


Special Feature: The Paper-Tearing Effect

Scratching is a favourite past time for both cats and dogs. Their instinct and hidden wildness as free-living animals may be the source of their behaviour. Alex said,

“In an internal experiment, we found out that our cats and dogs are drawn to the googly eyes. Some of them slightly freaked out when some began tearing the collateral insanely.”

“That’s why we call them ‘rule-breakers.’”

For this reason, the act of tearing off is used for both prints and typographic treatments to reveal the unexpectable nature of lovely pets, which is close to their original animal instinct.

OMW’s shopping bags and packaging are perforated, so customers can get in on the action by tearing them up!

OMW pet shop business card_tear-up


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on beige and black original non-glossy paper (180gsm) by Truong Thanh Printer, a printing company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

“The first layer of the card uses the tearing technique to illustrate the pet’s scratching habit, and promote their wild animal instinct with the pet illustration behind.”

“Then, the googly eyes were added to bring life to the name cards,” Alex added.

Overall, this is truly an interesting, one-of-a-kind business card design that will make a lasting impression!


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Designed by Alex Dang

Printed by Truong Thanh Printer


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