Ola Poke business card

Ola Poke Restaurant Business Card

Puro Diseño designed these business cards for Ola Poke, a Hawaiian restaurant that offers Poke Bowls, to-go salads, cold-pressed juices, smoothies bowls and health conscious meals in Palma De Mallorca, Spain.

“The Hawaiian word ‘ola’ translates to: life, health and well-being. This new gastronomic space reflects the tropical and peaceful vibes of Hawaii in each corner,” said Cristina Góngora, the Graphic Designer at Puro Diseño.

“This project was specifically inspired by the surf culture, where we can find a lot of stickers and graphics on the surfboards, t-shirts and beaches; that was the reason to have so many different logomarks.”

Ola Poke logomarks

Cristina continued, “Through combinations of flavours, textures and colours, Ola Poke offers dishes capable of adapting to any taste, inspired by the customs of the native Hawaiians.”

“The personality of the brand revolves around the ‘Ola State’, a lifestyle inspired by the spiritual vibes transmitted by the art of surfing: you always catch waves at the peak of their natural life, once they have fulfilled their destiny is when the trip ends.”

These business cards were digitally printed on double-view kraft paper. Other cards (including the colourful ones and the loyalty cards) were printed on textured cardboard via silkscreen printing.

Ola Poke business cardOla Poke cards1

Designed by Puro Diseño (a.k.a. Pure Design)

For Ola Poke

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