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OKIA Entertainment Business Card

Jodric designed these business cards for OKIA Entertainment, a versatile production house specializing in music videos, TV show, web drama, and TV commercial production based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

“The brand characteristics are ‘creative, innovative and dynamic’. Therefore, we decided to use the basic shapes and basic colours to prove that the flexible combination of basic things can create a bunch of new different functions, stories and emotions,” said Nguyen Thi My Dung, the Creative Associate at Jodric.

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“Additionally, the effect of the colour filter that is used in filming is added to reflect the business of the brand.”

The red and blue combination is striking and eye-catching. Like Nguyen said, the colours orchestrate moods from a movie screen and give the audience a clue to OKIA’s expertise.

OKIA logoOKIA Entertainment_colour filter
As for the idea of using a transparent business card for their client, Nguyen explained, “While implementing adaptations for OKIA, we thought quite a lot about pulling off the overlapping concept in real materials. Deliverables must look proper, more importantly, manufacturable. Here’s how the idea of imparting such effect of a totally clear material born, and make sure that OKIA can produce it with minimal effort.”

The choice is a smart one as it not only gives the business card a memorable impact, but also allows the colourful shapes to appear livelier if compared to a regular printed card.

The client handled the card-printing themselves. Speaking of the print material, Nguyen said, “We are proud to say that the best solution for the card’s material is transparent plastic.”

“The whole concept of overlap colour filter can be performed beautifully without explanation. Different roles of each team member are also customized on the card by different illustrated icons combined from the basic shapes and colours.”

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Designed by Jodric

For OKIA Entertainment

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