Nova IT solution business cards

NOVA IT Business Card

Miguel Peixoto designed these business cards for NOVA IT, a company that provides IT solutions to other businesses.

With a smart choice of typography, or rather, a range of symbols, these business cards look so different and futuristic!

The blue and white colour combo is also perfect for this IT company.

NOVA IT aims to meet customers’ expectations daily. They create excellent solutions and services to improve customers’ processes and provide them with better gains and productivity.


Minimal Brand Image and Logo Design

According to Miguel, the client wanted a straightforward image that represents their way of doing business, focuses on the essentials, and portrays their technical and coding skills.

“The client provides IT solutions and programming for software and web sites.”

“Therefore, I designed the brand with symbols or characters from the programming language.”

“The logo and the business card, like all the stationery and typography, were based on the special characters of the programming language.”

“Through the use of these special characters and ‘white space’ (which is also associated with programming languages), these business cards differentiate the brand from their competitors and highlight the brand in a professional way.”

Nova IT solution mobile layout


Blue Colour and Pattern Design

Blue and white tones are mainly used throughout the visual identity.

Miguel said that blue was inspired by the “blue screen,” which is an error screen that the Windows operating system displays in the event of a fatal system error.

“It indicates a system crash, which NOVA IT fixes.”

“So, it’s a clear nod to the idea of how NOVA IT customers don’t need to worry about fatal system errors.”

“Apart from that, blue also works as an alarm and highlight colour.”

Another interesting element on the card is the use of backslash symbols to separate the contact details.

Miguel explained, “The backslash is often used in the programming language.”

“Not only that, it’s also part of the brand symbol – [\] – the first letter of NOVA IT.”

“By using a backslash pattern, I highlight the client’s very own style of programming.” Now that’s clever!

These business cards were offset printed on textured paper by a local printing company.

Overall, this clean, simple business card design shows how minimalism can thrive in a design when you put a little more thought into it.


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Designed by Miguel Peixoto


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