Nova Escola digital platform business cards

Nova Escola Non-Profit Digital Platform Business Card

Papanapa designed these business cards for Nova Escola, a non-profit social impact association and digital education platform for teachers in Brazil.

Nova Escola was founded in 1986 with the goal of improving Brazil’s public education. Currently, it provides teachers with courses, reports, lesson plans, and educational materials. About 3.1 million people access the site each month.

The online platform wanted to expand its creative possibilities and improve the organization of its products, so Papanapa was tasked with rebranding its identity system.

“The business card follows the design system and projects a curious, bold, and energetic personality for the brand,” said Gustavo Garcia, the creative director of Papanapa.


Logo Design

Nova Escola’s logo had recently been redesigned and was well recognized within its community.

Therefore, Gustavo and his team decided to analyzed the logo before moving on to the visual language exploration phase.

“We realized it was crucial to evolve the logo so that it could adapt to the changes that would occur in the subsequent stages,” he explained.

“The new design incorporated a new typeface and gave up its solid shape, becoming more digital, lighter, and curious while still paying respect to its legacy and keeping its structure.”

Nova Escola digital platform logo

“As for the rectangular shape, it was already part of the previous logo, and it played an important role as a recognizable asset for brand awareness.”

To make the logo appear bolder and modern, Papanapa explored endless combinations between the rectangular shape and its possible behaviors.

In the end, the shapes show up in the layouts as cutouts, highlights, layers, and textures, creating a rich visual system that’s meant to be explored in a lively way.

Nova Escola pattern designs



The typeface used for the logotype is Works Sans. According to Gustavo, it was already being used for the identity, so they kept it in the system.

“The decision to stick with the original font was more of a technical matter, rather than finding a unique voice for it.”

“We tweaked the font in the logo to achieve those characteristics I’ve mentioned previously.”

“Since the rectangular shape behaviour was very intense, working with a simpler typeface made sense to avoid conflicts within the identity system.”

This non-profit business card comes in multiple versions thanks to the different patterns formed by the rectangle combinations.

The result is a business card design that escapes rigidity and is filled with imagination and possibilities instead.


Striking Colour Palette

Pink and white are the two main colours used throughout the identity.

Since they were already the brand’s primary colours, Papanapa updated them to appear more vibrant and restless.

It also helps in categorizing each product and service clearly on the platform.


The Printing of Business Cards

The business cards you see here are mockups. However, Gustavo advised the client to print the business cards on Conqueror Bamboo paper using letterpress printing technique with painted edges.

“Since Nova Escola has large teams, most of them were digitally printed,” he said.

“But for the C-level positions, they followed our printing recommendations.”


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Designed by Papanapa

For Nova Escola

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