Nosetta Bags Business Card

Saxon Campbell designed these business cards for Nosetta, a brand that uses top Italian fabrics and manufacturing for its range of contemporary textile bags.

“We wanted to design a business card that felt authentic, classic, and modern at the same time. They wanted all the printed collateral to mirror the brand’s missions and values,” Saxon said.

Despite it being a minimalist design, there’s an authenticity stamp on the business card as an indication of a bona fide and artisanal product.

As for the architectural illustration on the card, Saxon explained, “It came from the founders’ inspiration. It is an illustration of a home they have in Lake Como, Italy.”

“A lot of inspiration for the brand and product stems from this place, which is why I tried to include it within the brand identity.”

Nosetta bags logo


The Printing of Business Cards

The client handled the card printing themselves in Italy.

Saxon said, “The printing process wasn’t too difficult. We just used black ink.”

“The detail shows in the textured paper we chose. The texture resembles the same texture that the brand’s product feels like.”

Another fine example of how a minimalist design can express quality, sophistication, contemporary yet timeless brand image!


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Nosetta bags business cardNosetta bags branding2Nosetta bags branding

Designed by Saxon Campbell

For Nosetta

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