North Hills Cares Charity Business Card

North Hills Cares Charity Business Card

Olivia Mendizabal designed these business cards for North Hills Cares, a charity supporting children and families in need within the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Olivia created the logo and the business cards for the non-profit organization.

“I wanted the business cards to be bright and attention grabbing. Therefore, I used a bright royal blue to represent their brand,” Olivia replied when asked about the inspiration behind her work.

“Also, I was inspired by the round shape and retro design similar to an old neon sign.”

According to Olivia, the client printed these business cards at the Staples print center.

Overall, this is a beautiful design that’s both subtle and sleek!

North Hills Cares Charity Business Card

Designed by Olivia Mendizabal

Printed by Staples Print Center

For North Hills Cares

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