Nora Bardon business card

Nora Bardon Florist Business Card

De Otoño designed these business cards for Nora Bardon, a flower artist specializing in floral arrangements/setting for events.

“Nora has been working in events and with brides for the last 25 years (at least) in one of the most important hotels in the city of Buenos Aires, the Alvear Palace Hotel,” said Lula, the owner of De Otoño, a letterpress printing studio in Argentina.

“Most of the designs that we make are developed with the idea of how they would be materialized and printed. This client works with her hands and is an ‘ancient trade’. Her knowledge is based on her own experience and what she learned from someone before.”

Nora Bardon logo
Explaining more about the design inspiration, Lula continued, “The use of this bouquet illustrated like an antique engraved gave us the idea of craft, but classic and elegant. Combined with a slab font not so antique, not so modern. The overall design is classic yet sophisticated.”

The illustration on the card was by Patrick Guenette. The fonts used are Lexia and Brandon Grotesque (Adobe fonts).

De Otoño handled the card-printing as well. According to Lula, “These business cards were printed via letterpress (Black Pantone) and hot stamping (gold foil) printing techniques, with gold edges as well. The cotton paper used is called WILD Natural White 450gr (Cordenons).”

Nora Bardon business cardNora Bardon stationery

Designed by De Otoño

Printed by De Otoño

For Nora Bardon

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