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Nootype Type Designer Business Card

Nico Inosanto designed these business cards for Nootype, his personal branding as a type designer based in Switzerland.

“This branding project is for my own foundry, Nootype,” Nico explained.

“The identity of my foundry is black and white (because typography is black/white), plus blue.”

“As for the copper part, it is to remind the mechanical aspect of an old foundry.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These edge-gilded business cards were printed by Dot Studio in London.

Regarding the printing details, Nico shared, “There are 3 different hot foils superposed on the front side: first the metallic blue; second, the copper and lastly, the white.”

“On another side of the card, there is only the white foil printed on the paper.”

“As for the edges, they are foiled with the same copper on the face side.”

The paper stock used are 300gsm Conqueror Connoisseur 100% Cotton Soft White and 135gsm Curious Skin Indigo.

These duplexed business cards are classy, elegant to look at. Overall, it’s a great representation of Nico’s expertise!


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Designed by Nico Inosanto

Printed by Dot Studio

For Nootype

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