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Noor Interior Art Business Card

Range Left Design Studio designed these business cards for Noor, a new interior art brand with a focus on sustainability.

Noor’s methodology is to create and curate objects of beauty for the home, repurposed from high end off-cuts of natural materials like alabaster, marble, onyx and pumicite.

“Each piece is designed in the UK but is lovingly crafted and individually created by skilled craftspeople and family industries local to the materials being used. Because of the variation in materials, each piece is unique,” explained Matthew Gowar, the Creative Director of Range Left.

Noor bowlNoor logo and bowl
“The logotype is based on the typeface Ivy Mode with custom alterations to each letter to echo the pairing of the natural curves and the precision engineering found within Noor’s work. The body text is Apercu.”

According to Matthew, the colour palette and the textures used in the visual identity are drawn directly from the materials Noor uses.

“Noor’s work often surprises the senses, for example a heavy and robust piece of stoneware can appear gossamer thin to the eye, with light radiating through it. We wanted to reflect that juxtaposition within the design.”

These business cards were printed on Colorplan 700gsm paper with blind emboss and hot foil stamping by Mount Street Printers in London.


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Noor business cardsNoor stationeryNoor_brandingNoor candles with logoNoor Tote BagNoor-Poster

Designed by Range Left Design Studio

Printed by Mount Street Printers

For Noor

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