Nippy Gelato business cards

Nippy Gelato Business Card

TE Perspective designed these business cards for Nippy Gelato, a brand that sells authentic artisan gelato and unique black waffle that are made fresh daily in Penang, Malaysia.

“The logo make reference to having great gelato is just like taking a weekend trip to the mountains during cold and chilly weather. It numbs your tongue but it rewards you with an unforgettable experience,” TE said.

The logo is simple yet has a nice touch, with that identical ‘spark’ that you can find on the ‘i’ within the phrase of ‘gelato is happiness condensed’, printed on the back of the business card.

Nippy Gelato logo

“The brand name, Nippy Gelato, is presented in a minimalist sans-serif font to achieve a clean and contemporary look. This font type has clear readability that helps in easy familiarization.”

“The brand identity and the interior design consist of a lot of curve and rounded corner so we apply that idea on the business cards as well,” TE added.

These business cards were offset-printed using Pantone 2935 C on Vent Nouveau 250 gsm card by Elite Concept. There are also copper stamping on the front and back of the cards.


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Nippy Gelato business cardNippy Gelato logoNippy Gelato interiorNippy Gelato branding

Designed by TE Perspective

Printed by Elite Concept

For Nippy Gelato

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