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Nina Bartholmes Coaching Business Card

Hannah Erber designed these business cards for Nina Bartholmes, a systemic coach and resilience trainer.

“Nina is a Business Coach based in Düsseldorf, who wants to help people find their happy place again; to have good balance and to live their authentic self,” Hannah said.

“Throughout the strategy workshop, we defined two goals for our final look. It should symbolize both intuition and progress.”

“We translated these goals in a design language that was soft yet geometrical; playful yet minimal. A design that has a reserved presence without being boring.”

“We were looking for forms that had a symmetrical structure but also had a dynamical movement.”

Nina Bartholmes logo and pattern


Typography & Colours

According to Hannah, the starting point for this design was in the typography.

Srg-Linear had the perfectly thin, minimal, strongly geometrical look, but with an eccentric twist.”

The logo was formed by using the client’s initials. “For the logo, we wanted an initial design that illustrated the ups and downs in life by using the letter ‘n’ and ‘b’.”

“In terms of colour palette, we went for a fully Scandinavian minimal look in grey, beige and a touch of rose, as well as soft neutral greens.”

“The monochromatic use of colour gives a more luxury feel. We did that because the brand is targeting high end customers.”

Nina Bartholmes cardsnina bartholmes pattern


Illustrations & Business Card Printing

“To give the brand a little something of Nina’s personality, we softened the brand design through a few illustrations that ended up in an all-over pattern,” Hannah explained.

“These illustrations are highly personal and illustrating the way, the work and the wish for all of Nina’s clients.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They should be printed on heavy weight paper (e.g. 600gsm) with a strong organic feel of eco fibres,” Hannah suggested.


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Nina Bartholmes business cardNina Bartholmes logosnina bartholmes_1

Designed by Hannah Erber

For Nina Bartholmes

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