Night Owl rental apartment business cards

Night Owl Rental Apartment Business Card: Classic & Elegant

Aga Lut designed these business cards for Night Owl, a short-term rental apartment designed with introverts in mind.

Night Owl is where you’ll find those who prefer staying in to read books or relax rather than exploring or enjoying the nightlife in the city.

The overall brand design exudes a quiet, calming and sophisticated image, which is perfect for people who value quality time and beautifully designed interiors. It’s all about creating a serene haven for introverts.


Logo Design

When it comes to the logo, Aga decided to infuse little elements for each word in “Night Owl.”

The spark on the letter “i” refers to night stars often seen by someone who regularly stays up late or prefers to work late at night.

The letter “O,” on the other hand, represents an owl icon that also functions as a brand mark. What a clever nod to the brand’s identity!

Night Owl rental apartment logotype


Typography and Colours

Aga chose the Matterdi font, designed by Kadek Mahardika for the logotype.

According to her, this elegant serif family has tonnes of unique and fashionable ligatures, making it a perfect choice for sophisticated branding.

Aga also appreciates the small details in Matterdi, such as the letter g’s ear in “Night” not being anchored, which makes the letter lighter.

It was also her personal challenge to design branding using just one primary font without using any secondary font families.

As for the colour palette, it was all inspired by the night and moonlight. The golden colour represents the reading light and adds a touch of elegance to the project.

Night Owl is all about the grace of a quiet night, and the branding reflects that beautifully.

Night Owl rental apartment business card


The Printing of Business Cards

These sleek business cards were printed by Printstacja, a printing company based in Gdańsk, Poland.

They printed these cards on textured paper using the gold foil printing technique for the logo and digital printing for the contact details.

Aga chose Keaykolour Navy Blue and Grey Fog papers, both 300g, showcasing her commitment to quality. Keaykolour is manufactured by Arjowiggins Creative Papers and it also provides ready-to-sell envelopes, which are an absolute hit with Aga’s clients.

All in all, these chic business cards are perfect for those who appreciate subtle elegance in a creative and charming way!


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Designed by Aga Lut

Printed by Printstacja

For Night Owl

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