Nicole Waddill business card

Nicole Waddill Graphic Designer Business Card

Nicole Waddill designed these business cards for her personal branding as a graphic designer based in Greece.

Nicole specializes in branding, logo design, packaging and digital designs. She redesigned her branding recently so that it can highlight her personality and style.

Nicole Waddill logo

“What I wanted to show through these business cards is that when I design something, you can see my personality through it; every design has a bit of ‘Nicole’ in it, whether it is something more professional, more playful or happier!” Nicole explained.

“For the logo design, I wanted it to be personal, which is why I used my name and a font close to how I write.”

The font Nicole used for her logotype is Cervanttis. As for the pattern and illustrations, they all have sentimental value (each shape and the number of dots) that mean something personal for Nicole.

Nicole Waddill colour palette
As for the colour palette, she chose pastel colours that are brighter and bolder comparing to previous versions.

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “I expect the cards to have smooth matte texture,” Nicole suggested.

Nicole Waddill business cardsNicole Waddill brand sticker

Designed by Nicole Waddill

For Nicole Waddill personal branding

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