Next house invest business card

Next House Invest Real Estate Business Card

Dmytro Khrunevych designed these business cards for Next House Invest, a real estate investing business.

For most people, investing is a complex process that requires relevant knowledge and bears the risks. Next House Invest claims that clients will feel comfortable with them at any stage of cooperation and reduced to the minimum bureaucratic routine & unclear concepts.

“The idea of ‘comfortable real estate investing’ was chosen as the positioning to design the brand identity. Pleasant to the touch materials, clear visual communication, calming colours and an ingenuous smile – these are the signature features of the brand,” Dmytro said.

Next House Invest_4Next House Invest business card1

The typography used for the visual identity is Igra Sans by Sergey Godovalov. As for the logo, it was formed by the brand name leaning at each other, forming the triangle shape.

“The main idea (of the logo) was to create a strong typography composition from the brand name that brings a feeling of confidence and comfort. The triangle shape is stable and dynamic at the same time: you can be sure that your investments will be safe (stable) with Next House Invest and grow (dynamic) in the future.”

These business cards were printed by Maxway, a printing company in Ukraine.

“The card is made of two different materials: one side is paper while another, velvet. The latter is a great material that gives a feeling of comfort, which fits the idea of creating coziness when you touch the business card,” Dmytro explained.

Other printing techniques involved including Spot UV on the front while debossed logo on the velvet side. It’s truly a unique way to leave a lasting impression!

Next House Invest business cards2Next House Invest_backNext House Invest_2Next House Invest_3Next House Invest_1Next house invest branding1Next House Invest_5Next House Invest digital media

Designed by Dmytro Khrunevych

Printed by Maxway

For Next House Invest

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