Neowear business cards

Neowear Streetwear Business Card

Andres designed these business cards for Neowear, a new streetwear brand made for everyone, especially those who want to dress in style.

Since the 1980s, it has been a fashion trend that promotes fashion without rules and places an emphasis on comfort.

In addition to men, women also embraced the trend in favour of oversized sweatshirts and pants.

This led to streetwear becoming an easygoing and casual style that’s common in the world’s largest cities.

As a streetwear brand, Neowear aims to be an affordable option for everyone.

So, this brand message was sent through the use of a business card design that’s both simple and appealing.



The Brand Name

The name, Neowear, is derived from the combination of the words “neo” and “wear”. The term “neo” refers to something new and innovative.

As for the word “wear”, it denotes a person’s use of clothing. Together, the brand means “a new way of dressing”.

On the business card, the brand name has been written in all capital letters to make it more readable and to convey a more serious tone.

Combining aggressiveness, disruption, daring with minimalist and geometric details, it creates a professional identity that can be used in a variety of ways.

Neowear logo


Colours & Typography

The main purpose of the colour palette is to create visual tension and contrast by using a bright neon yellow.

Besides black, it pairs well with the other two shades – pale silver and white.

The typography used in the visual identity is Work Sans. As a variable san serif font (thickness, width, and size), it has been optimised for use in both digital and printed media.

Neowear altered font

Some of the fonts have been tweaked and adjusted to give them a geometric aspect – such as the letters N, W and A – and these have been combined with the font’s original details to create that contrast needed in this design.

The altered fonts also served as inspiration for the card’s back pattern.

The neon painted edges of the business card design would enhance the overall look.

Because of its simplicity, the business card design exudes confidence and a contemporary vibe.


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Designed by Andres

For Neowear

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