Nemer Metal Industries business card

Nemer Metal Industries Business Card

Sara Asi designed these business cards for Nemer Metal Industries, a highly skilled workforce specialized in offering a full range of steel and metal design, cladding systems and solutions.

According to Sara, the design goal was to create a unique, professional visual identity to position the brand in the minds of the audience who are looking for a rewarding customer experience that can solve their problems.

“The identity system is focused on expressing the brand through geometric shapes and industry raw materials texture, to help consumers connect more to the brand, and maintain consistency with a solid concept,” Sara said.

Nemer Metal Industries logo
As for the inspiration behind the logo design, she explained, “The logo mark is a combination of a symbol and type, in which the mark is formed by combining the geometric diamond shape inspired by metal raw materials shapes and ‘NMI’ letters (Nemer Metal Industries). It is formed in strokes to give background transparency through the mark.”

Nemer Metal Industries logo construction
The typography used in the visual identity are Roboto and Roboto Slab.

These square business cards were printed on 400 gsm Art Matt paper with matte lamination, hot foil stamping and embossing by a local print house in Qatar.

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Designed by Sara Asi

For Nemer Metal Industries

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