Negre interior architecture business card

Negre Interior Architecture Business Card

Miguel Trias designed these business cards for Negre, a renowned interior architecture studio specialising in turnkey projects.

According to Miguel, the goal of the design was to create a minimalist approach to what the brand means and evokes.

The business cards are part of the rebranding project, and they reflect exactly what the brand stands for. Let’s find out how the entire visual identity was developed and the brilliance behind it.


Logo Design

Negre’s core value is to seek the aesthetic beauty and maximum functionality of the space through noble materials and bespoke solutions.

In line with this vision, Miguel created a logo that incorporates the brand name “NEGRE,” which means “black” in Mallorquin.

This conceptual key element was applied across all the stationery items, with a mix of high-quality textured papers and materials that are a pleasure to touch.

Negre business cards



Miguel opted for an all-capitals logotype on the business card that looks bold, professional and sleek!

He said, “The logotype is a slightly modified version of Söhne Breit, which we tuned with small optic adjustments and with a twist on the ‘G’ to show more personality while retaining the main objective of the exercise, which was to have a typography-only logo.”

“NEGRE features very rectilinear works on all their interior designs, and while they didn’t want a super angular typography, we thought of using the ‘G’ typeform to highlight 90º (90-degree) rectilinear detail.”

“That combination of a non-angular typography and an angular feature looks great when used in combination with rectilinear environments, highlighting the ‘architectural’ side of interior design.”


Colour Palette

The colour choice was an indisputable one – primarily black throughout the card but not without a clever twist.

As Miguel explained, “By applying a foiling effect on the logo and details, what initially appears to be a pure ‘black’ business card reveals everything with a slight shift of angle or when exposed to any source of light.”

This stylish and mysterious approach will surely pique the interest of potential clients!

Apart from that, Miguel also kept the contact information side as clean and organised as possible, aligning it with the brand’s clean and minimal concept.

Negre interior business card_1


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Minke, an online graphic service company based in Spain.

Miguel provided insights into the choice of materials, stating, “The main paper used for the business card is premium Arjowiggins Curious Matter Black, which has a special textured feel to the touch. Most applications used 270gsm and above.”

“The business cards feature two duplexed 270gsm sides with a black foil applied to the logo and contact information, creating an ‘all black’ feel that amplifies the brand’s essence.”

But let’s not forgetting that little highlight effect that brings a whole different ball game to this business card design – a great example of how functionality and brand aesthetics meet in the most exquisite manner!


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Designed by Miguel Trias Works

Printed by Minke

For Negre

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