Natália Maurer psychologist business cards

Natália Maurer Psychologist Business Card

Nicole Gröff designed these business cards for Natália Maurer, a psychologist who works with children, teenagers and adults.

Nicole wanted her client’s visual identity to truly stand out and be memorable.

The design goal is to get the brand’s target audience involved in a visual universe that stretches from the physical to the digital world.

“This is a project with a great differential, considering that most professionals in the psychology field invest only in logo design, with over-explored concepts and colours,” Nicole said.

“These are psychologists who lack remarkable, standardized, and original visual identities.”

So how did Nicole make sure that Natália Maurer’s branding is distinctive and consistent with its brand essence? Read on.


A Positive and Modern Brand Image

“The challenge is to blend all the different attributes of the brand into a balanced design, catering to the needs of its wide target audience,” Nicole said.

Upon deciding that the brand would be using illustrations creatively to connect with the prospects, Nicole made sure that other elements too, such as typography and colour palette, would be used for a purpose as well.

With a logo that is both discreet and elegant, the business card design draws attention while also conveying sensitivity and delicacy.


A Wide Range of Typefaces

A total of five different typefaces have been used in this branding project.

The logotype is created with the combination of the script font, Exmouth, and the serif font, Laviossa.

“The main font was designed with soft curves and luxurious features that make a bold impression,” Nicole explained.

“Meanwhile, Exmouth adds a touch of delicacy to the design.”

“Overall, the logo was designed to convey lightness and sophistication, with a simpler style to allow the other elements of the brand’s visual identity to stand out.”

Natália Maurer psychologist logo

On the other hand, the brand’s communication pieces were designed using Lora, Barrio and Chalkduster.

The idea was to create a unique style that was modern while still touching the audience on a creative, human, and emotional level.

Barrio, chosen for the highlighting of the titles, is based on hand-lettering and is ideal to communicate warmth.”

Chalkduster is a serif font featuring a different brush appearance. Ideal to use over the images, it was chosen to be added to glued papers – another element present in the design of social media posts.”

“As a brand’s tone of voice, its use was thought for phrases that reaffirm the post’s theme.”

“And finally, Lora is the font chosen for the body text. It’s a well-balanced contemporary serif with roots in calligraphy.”

“Since the brand has many different personality attributes, having a larger typography set is a way to help convey the characteristics in a balanced way.”

Natália Maurer psychologist graphics2


Illustrative Pattern Design & Bright Colour Palette

The highlight of the business card is the illustrations, and they are created exclusively for the client’s brand.

According to Nicole, the idea behind making a pattern with illustrations was to further enrich the visual universe of the brand.

“Each illustration represents a concept within the psychology field,” Nicole remarked.

“The brain symbolizes the human mind and its mysteries; the heart carries the patients’ emotions; the eye with the tear represents the moments of expression of these emotions.”

“The ear with a flower was designed to indicate the psychologist’s active and welcoming listening, while the key with wings reflects the healing process, the release of the ‘chains’, resulting in a better quality of life and mental health.”

Natália Maurer psychologist illustrations

“The words (within the pattern) help fill in the spaces in the pattern and reinforce the emotional side of the brand – the words are healing, listening, support, and dialogue were written in Brazilian Portuguese.”

Besides the business cards, the pattern design can also be found on other branding assets, such as tissue packaging and the clinic’s pillows.

As for the brand’s colour palette, it goes from graffiti to white (from pain to healing), through the blue of trust and the building of bonds, and the yellow that symbolizes understanding and enlightenment.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards are not printed but if they were, here’s what Nicole suggested, “I would recommend a matte finish and painted edges for the business cards.”

“The business cards would be printed on traditional card stock, rectangular and with a size of 50 mm x 80 mm.”


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Designed by Nicole Gröff

For Natália Maurer

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