Natalia Bartczak business card

Natalia Bartczak Graphic Designer Business Card

Natalia Bartczak designed these business cards for her personal branding as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Poland.

“I work mainly with smaller businesses – often run by women – helping them to visualize their brands’ identity, design beautiful communication and products. I also sell prints of my original illustrations as posters and cards,” Natalia said.

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“I designed my visual identity at the very start of my freelance career, imagining how I’d like to conduct and communicate my business. It contains a lot of my hopes and dreams on how the community around my brand would look like, which have been proven quite true.”

The typography used in the visual identity is Bariol by Atipo foundry. Pink is one of Natalia’s favourite colour so of course, it appears as one of the major colours of her brand. Plus, it’s a perfect match with yellow to express Natalia’s creative, cheerful identity.

Natalia Bartczak logoNatalia Bartczak colour palette
Natalia had made full use of the lines and geometric shapes in her logo to recreate the patterns on the back of her business card. How fun!

“The logo, typography, colours and pattern are all reflecting my brand values, which are: openness, positivity and energy.”

Natalia Bartczak business_cards
These business cards were digitally printed on 300-350g/m2 matt white paper.

Speaking of other possible printing outcomes, Natalia said, “I’d love to screen print the cards one day though, preferably on a thick paper with cotton fibers.”

Natalia Bartczak business card2Natalia Bartczak iconsNatalia Bartczak cards

Designed by Natalia Bartczak

For Natalia Bartczak personal branding

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