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MVA Architecture Business Card

Studio8585 designed these business cards for MVA, an architectural designer based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Founded by Mikelić Vreš, MVA has been creating contemporary architectural projects since 2007, covering all fields of architecture – from large-scale urbanism and public spaces to buildings of various typologies and scale.

Each project starts from the context (both visible and invisible), then it is approached individually, structurally and analytically, to solve the relevant issues through a teamwork process in a creative, affirmative and innovative way.

MVA logo


Logo Design & Concept

It’s important for MVA’s brand identity to reflect those practices, starting with the heart of all architectural designs – the interaction with space.

“This undefined air between objects, combined with a rigorous typographic approach, is what we formed the identity around,” said Benja Pavlin, the Graphic Designer at Studio8585.

“In the gap, many things can happen. The space between is either left, to signify the interaction between areas; or right, where it is filled with content.”

“This is the result of dividing the main logotype into a symbol on one side and the typographic conclusion on the other.”

“A monolithic symbol and wordmark are complemented with a modernist usage of orange and further developed into a visual language that utilises typography and space to construct playful patterns and compositions.”

MVA branding_2


Colour Palette

While monochrome colour palette is mainly used in MVA’s business card design, orange is added to the stationery set to create a bold and dynamic image.

“The spirited red-orange signifies MVA’s forward-looking approach, with the nod to the modernist movement, both in hue selection and its usage.”

“On a secondary level, the colour hints at MVA’s studio values with tones that resemble a brick – a treasured material valued for its timeless, versatility and ever-evolving nature, durability and style.”

MVA business cards1


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on two separate 290gsm Fedrigoni Sirio Perla with an embossed symbol and duplexed. Other specifications are as follows:

Front (contact info): 1/0 black + 1/0 logo embossed

Back: logo embossed


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Designed by Studio8585

Art Direction by Mario Depicolzuane


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