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MounTeam Biking Trips Business Card

Creative Mules designed these business cards for MounTeam, a company that organizes mountain biking trips and team building events for corporates and start-ups.

Mounteam aims to bring people together in the great outdoors through their two main activities. It helps people reconnect with themselves, their friends, and colleagues.

The activities are carried out in the regions of Bavaria and Tyrol, and are guided by certified coaches and experts in their fields.


A Clever Logo & Friendly Brand Image

The business card has a clean design, displaying the logo prominently on one side of the card. The logo features sunrise, cycling, and mountains in a combined M.

“Our goal is to create a brand image that brings a calm feeling, using muted tones that are not too loud,” said Gleb Podorozhnyy, the Creative Director of Creative Mules.

“When holding the business card or perceiving the brand identity, the person should be at ease and welcomed. The business card is the key to their access to reconnecting with nature.”

MounTeam logo


Minimalist Typography & Colours from Nature

Sulphur Point is used as the primary typeface in the visual identity and Nunito Sans as the secondary font.

“Together with the colours, these fonts help create a calm and clean feel. Sulphur Point can be used in all caps without being too overwhelming or bold, which we wanted to strongly avoid,” Gleb explained.

Green and orange are the perfect colour combo. Adding an orange frame to the logo side of the card, successfully highlights the brand and adds sophistication to the overall design. It makes the design more fascinating and immediately stand out from its competitors.

According to Gleb, the colour palette is derived from nature.

“The primary deep green is taken from the forests of Bavaria where Mounteam works, with additional supporting colours that resemble sand, ground, water and the campfire in the late evening.”

MounTeam logo


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by MOO.

“The cards were printed on a heavyweight 110lb cotton card with an 18pt thickness. This allows for a natural and organic feel.”

“We opted to avoid any spot UV elements to maintain the brand image and story,” Gleb added.


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Designed by Creative Mules

Printed by MOO

For MounTeam

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