Moreira & Meredigya business cards

Moreira & Meredigya Construction Business Card

Flávia Jackeline Pauli designed these business cards for Moreira & Meredigya, a construction company that specialises in both building and earthworks.

Moreira & Meredigya specialises in municipal bidding projects, primarily large-scale renovations. Drainage, water, and sewage are examples of allotment projects where the design and execution are completed.

Besides that, Moreira & Meredigya also works on some basic animated projects and earthworks.

According to Flávia, the goal of the design was to express the brand’s three most important characteristics: competitive, determined, and transformative.

Moreira & Meredigya logoMoreira & Meredigya logomark

The design of the business cards appears futuristic and sophisticated. It has been given a bright splash of orange to add contrast and appeal to the eye.

“A monogram was created using the initials M, which stand for Moreira and Meredigya. Apart from that, the symbol represents the bricks and building blocks that are used in construction,” Flávia said.

The colour palette of the visual identity was inspired by earth and cement.

These business cards were printed on textured cardstock by Printi, a Brazilian printing company.

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Designed by Flávia Jackeline Pauli

Printed by Printi

For Moreira & Meredigya

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