Monkey Point business card

Monkey Point Creative Agency Business Card

Studio Goat designed these business cards for Monkey Point, a young and dynamic creative agency with a focus on strategy and design.

Monkey Point’s growing clientele required a visual identity that could reflect the creative approach of the company.

Studio Goat was responsible for the branding project, including the printed materials as well.


A Playful Yet Sophisticated Image

The business card is no doubt an eye-catcher, based on its unique typography selections, embossed elements and perforation on the card.

Miroslav Kozel, the Brand Architect at Studio Goat, described the visual language as “playfully combining sophistication and precision in details.”

The brand’s creativity and sophistication are obvious, but so is its focus on the smallest of details.

It proves that you can wow potential clients with simple yet intriguing elements without making things overly complicated.

Monkey Point business card_1


Typography & Colours

The logotype was created from a combination of two fonts: Lausanne (by Nizar Kazan) and Langulaire (by Loris Pernoux).

“The typographic identity relies heavily on a well-chosen typeface, and in this case, combines the classic with elegance and modernity,” Miroslav said.

While the business cards use mainly blue, the stationery set uses white instead to create a nice contrast to the overall branding.

“The choice of blue and natural white is intended to convey professionalism and trust to the clients,” Miraslov explained.


The Embossed Print & Perforation

The embossed element is another stunning addition to the business card design.

Miroslav continued, “The idea of creating the word ‘Point’ in the shape of a circle was inspired by the opening of a classic safe.”

“It is a metaphor that symbolizes the cracking of assignments from clients.”

“As for the perforation, it’s an element of identity, which is a visual shortcut for the creativity and individual approach of the young Monkey Point team.”

Monkey Point_circular type


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Prikler Print Atelier, a printing company in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The cards were printed via hot foil stamping with black foil on Keaykolour Azure 300g, duplexed.

To add visual and tactile appeal, the business cards were embossed and perforated.

Overall, this is an understated yet impressive business card design that speaks for itself!


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Monkey Point business card_1Monkey Point envelope Monkey Point stationery set_perforation

Designed by Studio Goat

Printed by Prikler Print Atelier

For Monkey Point

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