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MODH Modular Homes Business Card

Temper Tantrum designed these business cards for MODH, a German company specialized in modular homes.

“The modules are built in a factory and then put together on site, almost as Legos,” said Rui Canedo, founder of Temper Tantrum.

“The company uses quality parts and cobrands with quality manufacturers for fixture and fittings.”

The design idea was to convey that sense of modularity and constructiveness for the brand.

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Logo Design

To do so, a monogram was created whose form mutates while still maintaining its rigidness and rules, which only something modular can have.

“With this in mind a squared grid was created to represent the idea of these modular houses being built and applied next to each other, as if it was in a neighbourhood or any other location,” Rui explained.

“This also meant that the grid doubled as an imaginary map.”

“While the idea of a home constructed in a factory may seem strange, MODH provides the utmost quality in their designs while managing to keep it bespoke for each client, therefore the brand had to have the same level of quality.”


The Printing of Business Cards

Although Temper Tantrum was not involved in the card-printing process, we did ask Rui if he had any suggestions or ideas about it and he shared gladly,

“Our initial thoughts was to have the logo/monogram stamped on the cards with a slight deboss.”

“To better this result the paper would have to be quite thick, something from 350-400gsm, to provide that extra strength the MODH brand shows.”

“Finishing off, the paper would have a woven texture to accompany the printing finishes and give it a different feel upon touch.”


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Designed by Temper Tantrum


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