Modern Muse interior design business cards

Modern Muse Interior Design Business Card

Marija Vasilijić designed these business cards for Modern Muse, an interior design studio that infuses spaces with timeless elegance.

In order for her client’s business card to stand out, Marija made sure that contemporary elegance and opulence go hand in hand while reflecting the studio’s creative flair.

When we talk about creativity, it’s easy to think of something outrageous or vibrant for that memorable impact.

But what if the brand opted for a subtle approach without compromising its sophisticated image? Marija has the answer with this typographic business card.


Logo Design

“I created a wordmark for the client by utilising a sophisticated serif font that exudes timelessness and refinement,” Marija said.

“The defining touch was introducing a subtle twist with the script font ‘M’ in the brand name, Muse, adding a touch of artistic flair and embodying the studio’s imaginative approach to interior design.”

Although the letter M stands out with a different font type, it’s how its stroke manages to merge with the letter “n” in the word Modern that provides the unique attention to detail, showing how the brand is capable of making each project a masterpiece!

Another worthy mention was the sublogo, with the emphasis given to the exact same script “M” in a circle, placed strategically on the contact info side of the business card.

Modern Muse interior design submark


Elegant Typography

The typeface chosen for the logotype is called Freight Display Pro.

Marija explained that she chose this serif font to evoke a sense of timeless sophistication, reflecting the studio’s commitment to classic design principles and a refined approach to interior aesthetics.

“On the other hand, the script font, Nathalia, employed for the letter ‘M,’ adds a touch of graceful fluidity and artistic expression.”

“It symbolises the studio’s creative prowess and ability to infuse personalised, bespoke solutions into every project.”

“By blending these distinct font styles, the logo harmoniously bridges the gap between traditional elegance and contemporary innovation.”

Modern Muse business card_logo


A Subtle Colour Palette

When it comes to colour choice, Marija went with a deep brown hue and a soothing beige shade to convey a contemporary sense of luxury and sophistication for her client’s brand.

She shared, “As a base colour, deep brown (colour code: #32231B) embodies a grounded and refined aesthetic, mirroring the studio’s commitment to time-tested design principles and creating a foundation of trustworthiness.”

“This rich, earthy tone adds depth to the branding, conveying a sense of stability and authenticity.”

“As for the complementary choice of a subtle beige (colour code: #C2B4A2), it infuses an element of modernity and freshness into the design.”

“This neutral shade resonates with minimalist trends, which are emblematic of contemporary luxury.”

“Its calming undertones exude a sense of tranquillity, echoing the studio’s ability to create spaces that are both visually captivating and emotionally comforting.”


Printing of Business Cards

As of now, these business cards have not been printed yet.

To convey the essence of Modern Muse’s distinct brand, Marija suggested printing the business cards on premium paper stock with a matte finish.


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Designed by Marija Vasilijić

For Modern Muse

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